Airborne Dust

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Airborne dust particles can be difficult to control due to the fact that they are so small in size (0.1 to 10 microns). These particles drift everywhere and can be a significant health hazard. Engineers often correctly look to control the problem by spraying water mist to capture the dust particles, but it is not always that successful. This is because large droplets (80 to 100 microns) will travel through the air and collide with very few particles on the way. The air stream traveling around the much larger droplet deflects the dust particle away from the droplet, thus avoiding collision. To effectively capture dust particles, the water droplets should be the same size and weight as the dust particles. Aqua Mist was specifically designed for this purpose.

With this technology 85% of the super-fine dust (10µ – 0.13µ) is successfully captured. The system is robust and needs less maintenance than conventional PH systems. This affordable and efficient system is available for very specific applications as well as more general challenges in airborne dust suppression.


The following areas will benefit from Aqua Mist and a high pressure misting system to suppress dust:

  • Underground mining
  • Crushers
  • Conveyor Transfer Points
  • Ore and Product Dump Areas
  • Screens and Screening Rigs
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