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Who We Are

Mosmart aims to provide sustainable solutions that includes a unique, well researched patented surfactant, coagulants and flocculants for a diversity of water and wastewater treatment processes, including primary water treatment, dust control, odour control, firefighting, agricultural applications and micropollutant elimination. Our newly developed Rapid Elimination Technology (RET technology) has shown to be effective in laboratory trials with customer and international brands in all types of micropollutant elimination.

Mosmart is a leading Cleantech company specializing in proprietary, chemistry-based solutions. Our expertise spans various sectors, including:


  • Wastewater and Effluent Treatment

  • Alternative Gravel Road Technology

  • Environmentally Friendly Firefighting Products

  • Innovative Agricultural Products

  • Dust Control

  • Bio-remediation

Founded in 2004 as Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd (“MSA”), our company was born from a shared passion among investors, environmentalists, and scientists. Together, we set out to address global water and environmental challenges. Mosmart's dedicated team of scientists, in collaboration with Prof. Avi Domb from the University of Jerusalem, has developed an array of groundbreaking and patented surfactants, coagulants, flocculants, and binders.

These innovations find applications across diverse industrial fields, encompassing oil emulsification and separation, industrial and mining wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, carbon capture and storage, metals and minerals recovery, desalination enhancement, dust suppression, and alternative gravel road stabilization.

In 2012, Mosmart expanded its global presence by establishing Weteq (Water Enhancement Technologies) in Luxembourg, furthering our commitment to international expansion and cutting-edge scientific research.

Discover how Mosmart is pioneering sustainable solutions for a greener tomorrow.


At Mosmart, our global presence empowers us to cater to the unique requirements of clients around the world, ensuring dedicated service in their vital markets. Simultaneously, it enables us to offer our regional clients the specialized expertise required to address their distinct needs. Our approach, centered on clients and bolstered by our local presence, is a formidable asset in driving our clients' success.

New Growth
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