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Klenzim Active

Klenzim Active™ is a new product developed by Mosmart, utilising the unique abilities derived by combining the best properties of three unique products. (Two award winning and patented).


Organic Biocide

The application and usage of almost all disinfectants in the Agricultural sector are very limited due to their form of action and toxicity. The patented and stabilized biocide in Klenzim Active™ is pH neutral, non-corrosive, biodegradable and user friendly. (Gold medal winner at Geneva Congress of Inventions against 52 Competitors based on Efficacy, Bio-degradability and Environmental friendliness).


Distilled Pyroligneous Acid

Pyroligneous acid had been long known to be very effective against nematodes.  It kills nematodes directly as well as propagates microbes that feed on them. This is mainly due to the positive effect on the microbe metabolism by its main element, acetic acid. Acetyl co-enzyme is produced by plants and microbes from acetic acid. Through the TCA cycle, acetyl co-enzyme is converted into citridic acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, succiric acid and other elements that are necessary for the plant and microbes. 


Environmentally friendly Surfactant

Klenzim Active™ utilizes a ground-breaking patented anionic surfactant that has been extensively researched and developed over a period of 17 years. This natural multipurpose anionic surfactant neutralises the magnetic charges of particles in water thus reducing surface and interfacial tension.  It aids in wetting, emulsifying and de-agglomeration of substances that do not normally blend or break down in water. It is critical to note that unlike other surfactants, Marine 3 contains no Petro Chemical substances, no Alcohol, no Ammonia, no Glycol, nor any Sulphur.

Klenzim Active™ thus utilizes the unique properties of the Organic Biocide and the Distilled Pyroligneous acid in eliminating all bacteria, fungus and for example nematodes in all phases. The Surfactant ensures a liquid that can be applied directly to the soil ensuring complete and superior penetration and homogenous wetting of all intended particles.


The nematode extra'll skeleton is the cuticle. The cuticle is formed with collagen. Collagen is a protein and Klenzim Active™emulsifies proteins. In layman's language Klenzim Active™ perforates the skin of the nematode.  

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