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Mosmart patented M3T surfactant is the building block for new products and methodologies specifically developed for the agricultural market. Mosmart has proved that by utilizing M3T in the correct way in most agricultural applications tested to date, it is now possible to achieve vastly better uptake of almost all the essential ingredients needed for enhanced plant growth. Better emulsion, wetting and de-agglomeration (i.e. micro-milling) of fertilizers and other essential elements (some very difficult and even almost impossible for plants to uptake and digest without M3T) is a cornerstone of the successes achieved thus far.


M3T in combination with other proprietary additives that are supplied to both the root and leaf structure stimulates incredible growth in plants and critically much better energy conversion with fruit having much higher sucrose levels. The fruit produced is more robust and has a much longer shelf life. We can leave our tomatoes on the truss for longer and they no longer need to be picked green. The durability of our food is ground breaking in itself but there are also other benefits to our approach. We are essentially maximizing nature’s own potential.


Mosmart is pioneering a new approach to growing food sustainably and in harmony with nature so that farms will be able to provide enough food for future generations - without compromising quality or adding to the cost. 


We follow a holistic approach that manages the entire farming process systematically. This means farmers only use synthetic fertilisers or herbicides when needed. Fewer chemicals mean less chemical run-off, which, along with less soil erosion and loss of top soil, helps maintain water quality and biodiversity. Farmers also use integrated pest management principles in order to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and herbicides and encourage biodiversity.

Marine 3 reduces the surface tension of water, helping to spread further and 'wet' surfaces. It enables the water to penetrate the soil faster, moving it away from the sward and deeper into the root zone. When used in foliar fertiliser applications, it improves liquid contact with the leaf and the take up of nutrients.  It improves the ability of soil to retain moisture.


With effective use of marine 3, irrigation may be reduced and sports pitches will can benefit from firmer playing surfaces and more consistent turf. Thus, using Marine 3 will reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer in crops without compromising on yield and quality. 


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Effect of Plant Booster on Cotton

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