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At Mosmart, we pioneer the economy of tomorrow through our advanced solutions.



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Mosmart is a science and technology company that focuses on developing and manufacturing sustainable environmentally conscious technologies aimed at helping businesses thrive while preserving our planet. By harnessing science and technology, practical tools are provided to overcome global challenges. Join Mosmart today in embracing a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable tomorrow. 

What's Happening

23 August 2023

Synlait New Zealand

Mosmart is leading the way with groundbreaking solutions to reduce the dependency on chemical fertilizers associated with intensive animal farming residues, while also restoring the natural balance of bacteria in water bodies.

Discover how Mosmart's Marine 3, referred to as "Plant Boost" on Page 9, transformed Pannetts Dairies in New Zealand, solving their effluent challenges and boosting sustainability.


Synlait's editorial team has independently researched and written an article about our product and provides an objective review and analysis of our product, sharing valuable insights and discussing its features and benefits.


Read the full article published in the latest Synlait Magazine edition on page 9 of the PDF document , to learn more about how our product is making a difference!

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