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Desert Road


WRD-P is a road, dust and polymer product as an alternative road surfacing solution for maintenance and dust suppression on gravel surface roads. Mosmart, following successful trials at various clients under all types of conditions, has developed a range of unique products that performs in accordance with the specific requirements of the client.

Polymer emulsions (WRD-P)

Polymer dispersions are suspensions of synthetic polymers in which the monomers are polymerized in an aquatic medium. Various formulations are available and the product has been widely used for stabilization, and more recently for dust suppression. Polymer (PVA and PVC) emulsions are used extensively to form thin layers in waterproofing paints for roofs and walls. They do not suffer embrittlement, leaching nor UV degradation and have good adhesive properties, making them potentially successful as dust suppressants by binding wearing course material. Depending on the specific product, they can be mixed in to the upper 100 mm wearing course (rates vary according to product, material type, preparation and traffic).The product is very effective on most soils in all climates.


WRD-P is Mosmart’s specifically designed Polymer to the following specifications:

  • WRD-P is classified as a water based dispersion co-polymerised from:

    • acrylic acid ester and

    • styrene.

    • Blended with M3T 3005.

  • Particle size distribution is optimised to achieve superior penetration by using Nano technology as well as above average binding and cross linking properties, combined with the emulsion and penetration properties of M3T 3005.

  • WRD-P is the only Polymer emulsion in South-Africa containing a minimum fraction of at least 5% of the Polymer which is classified as Nano and thus measures between 60 and 80 nanometres. This unique property allows for even better filling of voids, penetration and binding.

  • It utilises environmentally friendly coalescent technology that minimizes VOC levels.

  • The addition of M3T 3005 allows for a Polymer emulsion with superior emulsion, wetting, initial deaglommeration, penetration and anti-static properties.

  • The M3T will enhance even Polymer dispersion into water for application purposes. The enhanced wetting will allow the Polymer to penetrate much deeper into the aggregate before evaporation of the water molecules can happen, resulting in simplified application (No ripping of wearing course required) and a much stronger and longer lasting wearing course.

  • Compared to other Polymers a much better penetration, (vertically and horizontally) is achieved before the polymer cross links and binds to the wearing course aggregate.


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