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RET (Rapid Elimination Technology) has been developed to address the emerging concern to persistent micropollutants such as pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, anti-depressants, in treated wastewaters and to efficiently remove such micropollutants from wastewaters.


The core of the technology is a catalyst, namely Weteq R350, which in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide, is able to degrade any pollutant efficiently and thereby significantly reduces the toxicity of the treated water. It is able to remove the odours and toxic gas hydrogen sulfide by destroying the source of the gas in the liquid phase. 

​There are currently no known cost-effective solutions for this problem and Weteq’s first demonstrations and trials with some of the leading players in world wide water purification has created unbelievable interest. The first stage regional focus is in Europe. Initial trials commenced with GE (Baker Hughes), Wintershall.



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